The Mentawai Fast Ferry

by | Oct 16, 2023 | Getting to Mentawai

NEWS: The Monday ferry crossing is currently not operating between Padang and Tuapajet.

This is until further notice, and we are currently waiting for an answer from Mentawai Fast Ferry on what is going on. Please make sure you account for this in your travel plans. The Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday crossings are unaffected.

[Last Update 09:16 am Mar. 6th 2024]

Most journeys to Mentawai involve the Mentawai Fast Ferry. So here is the most up-to-date information and everything you need to know about this step of the journey. We try to keep this information completely up to date, but things can change with little to no warning, so we always recommend checking on the Mentawai Fast Ferry socials or contacting us to confirm everything before your trip.

The Mentawai fast ferry is one the most common modes of transportation that serves the Mentawai Islands. The fast ferry is a popular means of travel for both tourists and locals, providing a faster and more efficient way to reach the Mentawai Islands compared to traditional boats or the slow ferry options that take over 12 hours.

Where does the Mentawai Fast Ferry leave from?

The Mentawai Fast Ferry connects the Mentawai islands via the port in Padang, Sumatra.

What route options are there?

The Mentawai Fast Ferry operates only 4 ferry routes, however, the routes and times change depending on the day of the week, which can make things a little confusing.

The first thing to know is the 4 main routes that the Mentawai Fast Ferry operates. 


      1. Padang – Tuapajet – Padang 

      1. Padang – Sikabaluan – Siberut – Padang

      1. Padang – Siberut – Sikabaluan – Padang 

      1. Padang – Sikakap – Padang

    The best route for you will depend on where you are staying or what Mentawai surf charter boat you might be joining. 

    For Villa Onu, you will be taking the Padang – Tupajet route. 

    Mentawai Fast Ferry Schedule?

    The ferry is scheduled 7 days a week, however, this can be impacted by weather, strong winds, rough seas and more. So it is always best to keep an eye on their Instagram Account where they post regular updates, changes or cancellations. 

    Here is the Mentawai Fast Ferry Schedule. All times are in Western Indonesian Time – WIB Time Zone


    Padang – Tupajet

    Departs – 07.00. Arrives – 10.30 

    Tupajet – Padang 

    Departs – 15.00. Arrives – 18.30


    Padang – Sikabaluan 

    Departs – 07.00. Arrives – 11.00 

    Sikabaluan – Siberut 

    Departs – 12.00. Arrives – 13.45 

    Siberut – Padang

    Departs – 14.30. Arrives – 18.35 


    Padang – Tupajet

    Departs – 07.00. Arrives – 10.30 

    Tupajet – Padang 

    Departs – 15.00 . Arrives – 18.30


    Padang – Siberut 

    Departs – 07.00. Arrives – 10.40 

    Siberut – Sikabaluan

    Departs – 12.00. Arrives – 13.20 

    Sikabaluan – Padang

    Departs -14.30. Arrives – 18.15 


    There are 2 ferries departing at 7 am Friday morning, so just make sure you confirm you are getting on the right one.

    Padang – Sikakap 

    Departs – 07.00. Arrives – 12.00 

    Sikakap – Padang

    Departs -13.30. Arrives – 18.30 

    Padang – Tupajet

    Departs – 07.00. Arrives – 10.30 

    Tupajet – Padang 

    Departs – 15.00. Arrives – 18.30


    Padang – Sikabaluan 

    Departs – 07.00. Arrives – 11.00 

    Sikabaluan – Siberut 

    Departs – 12.00. Arrives – 13.45 

    Siberut – Padang

    Departs – 14.30. Arrives – 18.35 


    Padang – Tupajet

    Departs – 10.00. Arrives – 13.30 

    Tupajet – Padang 

    Departs – 15.00. Arrives – 18.30

    The route you will take depends primarily on which surf camp, surf resort, or surf charter you are joining so remember to check with them what they recommend. 

    For trips to Villa Onu and the island of Sipora, you will be taking the Padang – Tuapajet route

    Mentawai Fast Ferry Price

    A one-way VIP ticket for a foreigner (non-Indonesian) on the Mentawai Fast Ferry costs 400,000 IDR (about 25 USD). This is what we recommend.

    Here is the full price list:

    Regular ticket for Indonsian (WNI) : Rp 280.000

    Regular ticket for tourist (WNA) : Rp 350.000

    VIP ticket for Indonsian (WNI) : Rp 350.000

    VIP ticker for tourist (WNA) : Rp 400.000

    You can buy the ticket at the harbor the day before you travel, on the day of travel, or you can try to contact them online via socials or by phone. Booking online isn’t possibe.

    The harbour office closes at 7pm so if you want to get your tickets the day before when you arrive in Padang you can do so. In our experience, the fast ferry is very rarely full, so you will be fine to purchase your ticket on the day of travel. Remember we can purchase your ferry tickets ahead of your journey as part of our transfer packages.

    Mentawai Fast Ferry Contact Information

    Here is the up to date contact information for the Mentawai Fast Ferry. 

    Phone: (0751) 893 489

    WhatsApp: +62 812 760 392 21

    Email: mentawaifast@gmail.com

    Instagram: @mentawaifast

    Mentawai Fast Ferry Surfboard Fees

    Your normal luggage is included in your ticket price, but surfboards are an extra fee, charged based on the weight of the bag. 

    1-15KG – 230,000 IDR/bag

    16-25KG – 460,000 IDR/bag 

    >26KG – 690,000 IDR/bag 

    This must be paid in cash and remember to keep a little extra small change for tipping the luggage porters. 

    How long is the Mentawai Fast Ferry crossing?

    The Mentawai Fast Ferry typically takes about 3 and half hours, but it can sometimes take longer due to the weather and sea conditions. 

    Remember to keep an eye on their social media for any updates that might affect your journey. 

    Can you buy food and drink on the ferry?

    You can get basic things from the onboard snack bar that sells things like cup noodles, sweets, soft drinks and beers. 

    Can Villa Onu help me book the Mentawai Fast Ferry?

    Absolutely yes. We offer different transfer packages to help make sure your journey is smooth and stress-free. Including booking your ferry tickets, transfers to and from your hotel in Padang, and more. 

    Please check out our Mentawai Transfer Serivces page for more info or drop us a message via our socials.