Learn to surf in Mentawai

You don’t have to be a pro to surf in Mentawai. With so many waves on our doorstep it’s also the perfect place for learning and progressing your surfing. 

It’s a bit of a misconception that the Mentawai Islands only for advanced and pro surfers. Sure, it is home to some seriously good, heavy barreling waves that on their day have even the most advanced surfers nervous, but that’s not all the islands have to offer. 

Just a short walk from Villa Onu are waves perfectly suited to beginners looking to try surfing for the first time, or intermediate surfers looking to progress and surf in more challenging waves. 

Villa Onus surf coaches will take you to the best waves for your ability and provide expert guidance.

Mentawai surf coaching

Ready to learn to surf in our tropical island paradise?

Villa Onus talented surf coaches can provide you and your friends or family with lessons and coaching for beginner and intermediate-level surfers.

There is no denying, surfing is not the easiest sport to master, but with expert guidance and coaching, we guarantee you will leave with a smile on your face and a better surfer. Whether you are learning from scratch, learning the basics and looking to ride your very first wave, or you are looking to improve your skills in bigger stronger waves, our coaches can tailor classes to your ability and wishes.

Villa Onu is by far the swankiest villa in the Mentawais and literally in front of one of the world’s best surf spots. The owners are really cool and will make sure you’re fully taken care of. They also run a killer fishing operation if you’re into that. Otherwise, the beach and neighborhood are perfect for other activities. 5 stars all the way!

Fm Stern

Mentawai Surf Lessons

Personalized surf programs built around your ability.

Our expert instructors will start by evaluating your skill level and will build a personalized surf program for you covering everything from the fundamentals of surfing to advanced techniques.

You will learn and gain knowledge about

  • Surfboards and equipment
  • Waves types and how weather affects surf
  • Wave behavior and how they break at different spots.
  • Techniques and surf etiquette
  • Catching waves
  • Popping up
  • Riding the wave
  • Wiping out and water safety