The waves

From heaving barrels to mellow reefs perfect for beginners and learning. Villa Onu is at the heart of the worlds best surfing region.

The Mentawais geographical location parks it smack bang in the path of the swell making machine that is the Indian Ocean. Swells are generated thousands of kilometers away, wrapping round the cape of South Africa before tracking across towards Australia, spinning of seemingly endless amounts of ground swell. 

When these swells hit the reefs of Sipora and the other Mentawai Islands, this swell is transformed into a variety of world class waves. From perfect open barrels to mellow deep water reefs that provide the perfect waves for beginners, the Mentawai islands has something for everyone. 

Villa Onu is based right at the heart of it all, with the iconic Lances Right/HTs on our doorstep, and several other world class waves within a short trip.

 On your doorstep

Lances Right

Lance’s Right, also known as Hollow Tree’s or HT’s by the locals, is a world-renowned surfing spot that boasts one of the most consistently good right-handed waves in the world and is home to Villa Onu. Check the waves from bed, or with a coffee from the hammocks in the garden. No villa is better situated to experience this wave.

The waves at Lance’s Right wrap around the southern tip of Sipora Island before entering a protected bay where they release at the main break, aptly named The Office and through to the inside where you will find the Surgeons Table. As the name given to the end section might imply, this wave is not for the faint of heart when there is solid swell, and it is recommended for intermediate to advanced riders. In fact, this wave is considered to be one of the top 10 waves in the world, attracting pro surfers from all corners of the globe when it’s on.

Just a quick trip away

Lances Left

A Mentawai classic. Lance’s Left is a long left reef/point that offers everything from powerful, long walls perfect for open face carves to ledgey barrel sections on the right day.

The consistent SW swell channels directly into the lineup, making it one of the most consistent waves in the region, which makes it popular with charter boats, but the multiple takeoff spots usually spreads out the crowd.

30 minutes from Villa Onu on the scooter or 15 minutes in the speedboat. Best on east wind and all tides

Next to Lances left


A shallow, technical, barreling left-hand slab 100 meters up the reef from Lance’s Left. Cobra’s breaks on the edge of a rip and usually has a lot of water moving through it, making it a bit shifty and tricky to stay in position, especially with big tide swings. However, when it’s on, a wedgey take off goes straight into multiple barrel sections that can even connect to lances left on the right day.

30 minutes from Villa Onu on a scooter or 15 minutes on the speedboat. Best on east wind and mid tide.

One of the funnest slabs you’ll find


A short, slabby right that can offer a very exciting barrel when it is on. It doesn’t hold too much size, but when it’s 3-4 feet, the waves seem to appear out of nowhere and suck below sea level for a very thrilling takeoff straight into the barrel.

Below 3 foot, it can be a great wave for intermediates to practice quick takeoffs, work on their turns, and even try their luck with some small barrels. Despite it being a slab, Bintangs breaks in relatively deep water.

Best on North winds and low tides, Bintangs is just a 20 minutes ride on the scooter or 20 minutes on the speedboat from Villa Onu. 

A favourite for beginners and lessons

Mini HTs

Mini HTs is a small left and right peak that stands up quickly but peels gently into deep water, just a 10 minute walk from Villa Onu. This spot is much more relaxed than its bigger brother Lances Right and is perfect for longboarding, or your bigger shortboard and funboards.

This spot is a favorite for our beginner sessions where you will get to learn how to surf in perfect tropical conditions and where you will take your first surf lessons with our talented coaches.

Quite popular with the local kids. Best on a north wind and a high tide.

Sand bottomed fun

Beach Break 1

Tucked in the corner of a beautiful bay, this beach break is perfect for beginners with mellow waves peeling and reforming over sand.

The sand banks shift around, with some days being better than others. There is some reef in the corner that sometimes connects for a nice running left into the beach. A beautiful place to watch the sunset as well.

15 minutes from Villa Onu on the scooter. Best on east winds and all tides.

It’s not all reefs and slabs

Beach Break 2

A high quality beach break that is a great option on small days.

A beautiful white sand beach that has perfect sand-bottom peaks all up and down the beach, depending on the sand banks.

Great for turns and little barrels when it’s on. 40 minutes on the speedboat from Villa Onu. Best on north east winds and low tides.

Everyone loves the point

The Point

A long, high quality, right hand reef/point break. Everyone loves the point.

It is usually much less crowded than HT’s and breaks on similar conditions, with an easy takeoff into a long, rippable wall with the occasional barrel section.

Perfect for beginners, intermediates, and longboarders when it’s small as well as high-performance surfing when it’s a little bigger. 10-minute walk from Villa Onu or 5 minutes in the dinghy. Best on a northwest wind a medium/high tide.

Swell magnet 


A swell magnet that can be a great option when everywhere else is flat.

Monkeys is a left hand reef that always offers a little bit of everything. Every wave at monkeys is different with some offering barrel sections, others steep faces, and others mushy shoulders perfect for cutbacks.

Not usually crowded. 30 minutes on the scooter or 25 minutes on the speedboat from Villa Onu. Best on North east winds and all tides.


One of the worlds best lefts


One of the best high performance left-handers in the world, that pumps on all conditions from 2 ft to 6ft.

Located in Pasongan Bay on the western side of Pagai in the southern region of the Mentawai Islands this super mechanical left-hand reef break offers a bit of extra gnar for experienced surfers.

Just a one hour speedboat ride from the beach in front of Villa Onu, we often shoot down here with some of our more experienced guests to give them a change from the perfect right breaking out front.