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Before making a booking payment you must read, understand, and agree to our terms and conditions of booking. If in doubt, or if you have any questions, please email hello@villaonumentawai.com and we will be happy to clarify anything for you.


This section contains the terms and conditions when staying at Villa Onu Mentawai. Please refer to our website www.villaonumentawai.com for the most up to date prices and information. We reserve the right to alter prices at any time pursuant to the terms and conditions contained herein.

Villa Onu Mentawai is owned and operated by the Indonesian Company with the trading name PT OMBAK NUSA MANDALA

Any completion of payment is considered as acceptance of the terms of conditions listed on this page.

1. Accommodation

The numbers of persons occupying Villa Onu must not exceed the number stated in the booking confirmation. Villa Onu Mentawai reserves the right to ask guests to leave or refuse any booking if it is deemed unsuitable for the Villa.

2. Deposit

A deposit payment of 30% is required to secure booking for your selected dates. Deposit payments are non-refundable and can be used for future bookings in case the trip gets cancelled (see clause cancellation). Full payment is due 60 before date of check-in.

3. Payment

Final payment in full is due 60 days before your check-in

Payment is through bank transfer to the local account of Villa Onu Mentawai. Payment from an account outside Indonesia can be done through your bank on the payee’s expense. Bank charges must be paid by the sender.

All CC payments require a 2.95% processing charge.
All Bank Transfer require a $25 US Transfer Fee

Additional expenses (fishing trips, boat trips, bar tab, etc.) can be paid by bank transfer, credit or debit card and cash at Villa Onu Mentawai. The total bill will be settled before checking out.
Villa Onu Mentawai only accept Indonesian Rupiah as currency.

4. Rates

Our published rates/packages/special offers are subject to change. Once the full payment has been made the rate/packages/special offers are confirmed and cannot be updated with current new rates/packages or any special offers. 

5. Rescheduling

If you wish to reschedule you must contact us as soon as possible, any reschedule date depending of our occupancy booking calendar and management plan. A request to reschedule your booking must be made in writing with at least 60 days minimum notice before arrival date by email or WhatsApp text, and no rescheduling fee shall apply. If a request is made to reschedule with less than 40 days before booking date, but with a minimum 40 days’ notice by email or WhatsApp text, a rescheduling fee equal to 15% of the paid deposit shall apply. Rescheduling is not possible less than 30 days before booking date/arrival.

6. Substitution of a Guest

If any member of a group is prevented from traveling for any reason, Villa Onu may at its discretion, approve a transfer of the booking to another suitable person provided that written notice is given at least 3 days before booking date. No fees will be imposed for this change and Villa Onu shall not be liable for any increase in costs relating to services not directly provided by the Company.

7. Cancellation policy

In the event of a cancellation prior to 60 days before your scheduled arrival, you are entitled to a full refund. If you cancel between 60 days and 30 days prior to your arrival, you may receive a credit for a future stay provided there is availability. In case of a cancellation with less than 30 days’ notice, deposits and final payments will not be refunded and may not receive a credit for a future stay.

Any deposits for bookings at special or promotional rates are non-refundable in the event of a cancellation.

If the original booking gets rescheduled for a future date where the price is higher, the difference is to be paid by the guest.

Rates for group bookings are fixed and if there is a cancellation of an individual within the group, the group rate remains the same. This means that if the individual who cancelled does not pay, the rate for the remaining group will compensate for it.

There are no refunds or partial refunds given for early departures from Villa Onu Mentawai due to weather, pandemic related, political or other social or environmental factors. Villa Onu Mentawai will not accept responsibility for cancelled trips or trips that have been cut short due to reasons outside of Villa Onu Mentawai’s control, such as pandemics, natural disasters, bad weather, unstable political, geopolitical or national situations

If a trip cancelled for reasons outside of the control of Villa Onu, for example, due to occurrence of a natural disaster/force-majeure, an act of terrorism, civil unrest, and act of fraud, or any other act or occurrence causing legal incapacity of Villa Onu to deliver on its part, then Villa Onu will endeavour to reschedule your booking to such time that Villa Onu can deliver, and the guest accepts this potential disruption and shall not hold the company liable in any way.

In extreme circumstances where Villa Onu may ultimately be unable to deliver its services, the guest accepts this risk and shall not be entitled to seek compensation in such a situation occurring.

Travel insurance is compulsory for all visitors to cover unforeseeable circumstances such as injury, illness, family emergency, flight cancellations, force majeure etc.

8. Complaints

If there is reason for a complaint concerning the stay at Villa Onu Mentawai, the matter should be taken up with the Villa Management during the stay. A refund and/or credit may be offered in circumstances where Villa Onu Mentawai finds the complaint to be valid and substantial. Villa Onu Mentawai has 60 days to complete any investigation prior to providing a refund and/or credit. Villa Onu Mentawai will not accept responsibility or liability beyond the money paid by the guest. All complaints must be received prior on or before the departure date. Any complaints that are made after departure from Villa Onu Mentawai will not be accepted.

9. Documents

Passport or copy of passport is required to present upon arrival. We reserve the right to request any proof of a negative COVID test and/or vaccination, as required by law.

A valid visa is required (if applicable) to present upon arrival.

10. Health Concerns

Any health problems and injuries arising from health, pandemic and/or environmental causes are outside of Villa Onu Mentawai’s responsibility and is thus not accepted by Villa Onu Mentawai.

You understand and agree that surfing and other outdoor related activities are dangerous, and you assume full responsibility for your actions.

Any emergency related expenses we incur on your behalf must be reimbursed by you.

11. Insurance

Travel insurance is mandatory for guests of Villa Onu. The most important thing is to have coverage for medical evacuation. This is due to Villa Onu’s remote location, tucked away from hospitals. Your insurance should cover your cost in the event of transport delays and cancellations, pandemics, natural disasters, or any external factor outside Villa Onu Mentawai’s responsibility.

In case of epidemics, pandemics, storms, catastrophes, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tsunami, strikes, political unrest, war, terrorism etc. Villa Onu will not give any refund for the cancelled booking. Your mandatory travel insurance should cover this.

12. Responsibility

All services and activities provided to guests from Villa Onu Mentawai is with high care, and it is at their own risk that guests participate in any activity and use of service. Villa Onu Mentawai will not accept responsibility or liability for any damage, injury, expense, loss, illness, accident, or any other suffering that is involved with Villa Onu Mentawai’s activities or services.

13. Transport

Villa Onu Mentawai can assist with your travel arrangement, however, in the case of cancellations or delays in transport services, Villa Onu Mentawai will not accept responsibility or liability.

Villa Onu Mentawai is not responsible for airline and ferry board fees or baggage policies. Airline, hotel accommodation and ferry board bag fees are outside of Villa Onu Mentawai’s responsibility. Villa Onu Mentawai will not accept responsibility or liability for late arrival or missing luggage of any sort.

14. Use of Villa Equipment

Each guest is responsible for the VILLA ONU MENTAWAI equipment during its use. In case of loss or major damage by wrong use, the Guest has to take full responsibility to replace or covering the cost for each item. Some items may have a special time of use, to not disturb others or for your own safety. This times will be communicated at your arrival. Some equipment should only be used and taken care of like explained by our team such as stand up paddle, motor bike/bicycle, canoe, fishing equipment, electronics, interior furniture etc… each guest takes full responsibility to follow the instructions.

All equipment should be used with care and respected like it would be your own.

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