Photo & Video Package

Capture all the best waves and moments from your trip. 

We have all been through it at some time in our surfing careers. You’ve just had the session of a lifetime, and as you sit with your mates talking about that one particular, perfect barrel you made, you get the rolling eyes, or the classic “Nah, I didn’t see that one mate, sorry!”.

But with our photo and video packages, you will be armed with all the proof you need to back your claims, as well as make the whole crew at home jealous of your trip to our Mentawai island paradise. All your best waves and moments, captured on camera, from land, sea and air.

Our photo and video packages are available to all guests, and prices vary based on the number of sessions and length of your stay. So once you’ve booked, just let us know you are interested and we will sort you out.